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Welcome to Cloud Packet! I’m Shakib Shaygan, a full-time blogger and network engineer who has been designing and building networks for over 6 years now. I recently completed the CCIE lab to earn CCIE #46559 (Routing and Switching & Data Center), besides that I have some knowledge of open source and other networking product such as Juniper & Brocade.

As for a bit of background, I’ve worked as a normal IT Support, help desk, and currently as a network researcher, focusing on SDN for Telco. Currently I’m looking forward to doing some research, learning, and writing on a variety of networking-oriented topics. Look for a series of posts related to the CCIE Data Center experience as well as any other interesting topic which I encounter.

One of the reasons that I start this blog was to have a base that I can share my notes, as usually I write down everything that I learn because we are human and we will forget most of them for sure.

Ebbinghaus Forgetting curve

Information is lost over time when there is no attempt to retain it. That's almost same condition with every human which follow simple rules, the more you

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